Jaden Ayoub Sanusi

  • Dear Mr Ayoub and Mrs Sanusi-Aymerich

    Jaden Ayoub Sanusi : Berrystead Entrance September 2013

    We enjoyed having Jaden to stay with us last week for the junior entrance tests.
    On the basis of the results we are pleased to offer Jaden a place to join the
    Berrystead First Form in September. We are also delighted to offer Jaden a
    Music Scholarship of 15% of the School fees and free piano, singing and guitar

    Please find enclosed a copy of this letter with a signature slip at the bottom and,
    after reading the enclosed Scholarship Conditions of Award, we would ask that
    you sign and return this as acceptance of the scholarship for Jaden…………….
    and we look forward to welcoming Jaden to the School in September.


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