Esther Reinders was born in Argentina- Buenos Aires. She studied music from the age of seven and completed her Music Teacher Diploma by time
she was 15 years old. She then attended and completed another Diploma at the National Music Conservatoire of Argentina where she studied under Madam Papuchado and attended private tuition with the conductor and composer Juan Carlos Zorzi . She then left Argentina for Israel, becoming a pupil of Dr. Enrique Barenboim, father of the pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim, while assisting the great music-pedagogue Madam Aida Barenboim.

Esther Reinders also has several published and unpublished works, including theoretical works such as “Theory of Music Grade 5 – Analyse of Form in Tonal Music, UNISA” and the “Handbook in Style, History of Music and Composers”, as well as many piano compositions, poetry and essays. She has recently completed ‘Bass Clef for beginners’ and is currently nearing completion of her long term project ‘The theory of music’, a comprehensive and complete guide to music theory.

Where I grew up?
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Where I live?
North London, U.K.

How many children do I have?
I have twin ‘grown-up’ boys

Do I have any pets?
Yes, a cat named ‘Blacky’. He is very vocal and has a ‘rags-to-riches’ story and scars to prove it.

Which Conservatoire did I attend? 

National Music Conservatoire of Argentina

Who were my teachers?
Madam Papuchado, Juan Carlos Zorzi, Dr. Enrique Barenboim

Where do I teach now?
Reinders Music School in North London

How Long have I been teaching music?
Since I was 15 years old (teaching my colleagues at the conservatoire)