Workshop Piano – Early StagesWith John Muhlemann

SUNDAY 25 March 2012 at 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm


PUPIL’S NAME John Piano Time Per Group Esther Groups
GROUP A 2.30 pm to 3.15 pm Group B
1 Niam 15 min Music Mind Games
2 Kaylan 15 min
4 Dena 15 min
Break 15 min
GROUP B 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm Group A & C
5 Pia 15 min Music Mind Games
6 Tamara 15 min
7 Nisha 15 min
8 Mischa 15 min
Break 15 min
GROUP LESSON with John Muhlemann
All groups A; B; C. 4.45 pm to 5.30pm 45 +- minutes lesson
Break 20 min
GROUP C 5.50 pm to 6.35 pm
9 Paula 15 min
10 Abigail 15 min
11 Natalia 15 min
12 Anusha 15 min
End of the workshop
Children attending are between 5 and 9 years of age.The workshop for groups A and B will commence at 2:30pm and end at 5.30pm. Group C has a later start, at 3:30pm, but will end at 6.35pm. Please ensure that you arrive 15mins before your workshop commences.

Parents are advised to bring their own beverages and food, as no refreshments will be served on this occasion.

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  17. I read the article too, but I don't think it wasn't anything negative about you or your blog. In fact, the reason I even read all of your posts, even the food posts ones (though I generally am not interested in sf food anymore, haha, shame on me) is because you are a witty and interesting writer. It all sounds very 'you' and honest, if that makes sense?And I just noticed I'm linked on you 'loves' section of your blog, haha. I never noticed that till now!Thanks!x

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  20. my friend. It is so true, I also think that people want / need to be heard. In listening to others, I find that I learn a lot and very often, that person finds relief of some sort from sharing about them selves. I am seeing this played out a lot when I have converstions with some of the men that attended the TP RETREAT IN pa. Listening, what a powerful way to affirm people.”Keep on keeping on.”

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  25. love this post! It was so lovely reading about your reunion – and I would have loved to be at that Whitney Houston tribute show! :-)So pleased you enjoyed yourself – you deserve it! And hope that the positive effects from this trip will last for long afterwards.Hsin-Yi

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  29. Kia ora Bob, Beautiful. A night in Shackleton’s hut, how amazing. A place dripping with history and karma, and from the photos I have seen of the interior, looking as if they could walk in at any moment. I have enjoyed this post in the company of a fine wee dram Bob, and raise my glass to you, your writing and poetry, fine photos, and for sharing them with us who care to read. Kia ora Bob, Za vashe za dorvye!Rangimarie,Robb

  30. You gotta hand it to the Fed and Wall Street though; they’ve brought organized crime to a level unimaginable just a few years ago. It reminds me of a Hyman Roth quote:Here we are, protected, free to make our profits without Kefauver, the goddamn Justice Department and the F.B.I. ninety miles away, in partnership with a friendly government. Ninety miles! Michael, we’re bigger than U.S. Steel.

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