Suzuki Level 1 Completion for Xin-Yi Du and Sedona De Silva s

On Sunday, July 7th 2013,the Reinders Music  School’s annual summer concert was held at Lauderdale House, London. It was a glorious day and the concert went well with all students performing exceptionally and parents beaming with pride.

This year saw two new recruits join the established circle of pupils with the completion of Suzuki level 1 (piano).  Both Sedona de Silva and Xin-Yi Du, 4-and-half years old and seven years old respectively, performed the complete Suzuki book; an amazing fete given that they finished the level within 9 months.  No doubt, their Suzuki journey so far will give them a head start at school and in life, as seen with the older pupils.

The well-structured method that tackles the learning process in a particular way and adaptable to the very young, sees children make significant personal, intellectual and social development progress. Observing at the side-line of the concert, one could recognize pupils emitting characteristics of self-discipline, professional poise and confidence, developed memory and appropriate social etiquettes.

Needless to say, I was pleased to see how the Suzuki approach and triangle comprising parent, pupil and teacher, is achieving the goal of maximizing one’s potential through music education.  Sedona and Xin-Yi Du are now preparing for the BSI National Graduation 2014.


Figure 1. Sedona De Silva with prize and Esther Reinders


Figure 2. Xin-Yi Du with prize