• Developing Piano Technique with Esther Reinders

    Whilst talent is important, any inspiring pianist requires the technical fundamentals in mastering the piano. This skill or technique can only be developed over time, where the correct body movement, fingering etc. becomes second nature. This allows the performer to be free in creative expression, adding a dimension to their performance. My approach is based loosely on Kolb’s learning cycle model, which is described in more detail on our piano technique website.

    My approach to teaching technique is based on this model. The privilege of growing up in Buenos Aires during the era when it was a musical centre has provided me with much of my musical grounding under the guidance of Juan Carlos Zorzi (composer and conductor); and later in Israel under Enrique Barenboim, father of Daniel Baremboim and a former pupil of Vincente Scaramuzza. This knowledge, which I wish to share with those who are dedicated to their musical studies, incorporates many of the ‘tacit’ knowledge passed on by them and my own personal research into this topic.

    Published works by Seymour Fink, Tobias Matthay and popular Alexander technique, all feature in my teaching.

  • Methods

    We apply a variety of methods to suite your needs. These include…