Outstanding Music Achievements

MISCHA CARR: 5 ½ years old.

Mischa’s musical journey began this year in April (2011). Already, from her outstandingly prepared weekly lessons, she is achieving amazing results. In two terms, she has already completed 13 pieces for both hands. Completing Suzuki Book Level One takes 2 or 3 years but Mischa has completed the pieces within few months, with same technical skills required to become a good pianist. She performed at Roehampton London Suzuki Piano Concert in November this year.

mischa carr_graduation_xsmall

OLIVIA TANG: 8 years old.

Starting at the age of three, Olivia has developed rapidly using the Suzuki Piano Method. Now, at the age of 8, she is at Suzuki Piano Method Level 2 and preparing for her grade 3 piano and theory ABRSM exams. Her musicality extends to the violin. She studies the Suzuki Violin Method under Claudio Forcada and is presently preparing for her grade 3 ABRSM exams. She is no novice to performance, having participated at many concert events such as the Royal Academy of Music, Royal College of Music, and local workshops. Soon she will join the Suzuki National Concert and playing violin at the Royal Festival Hall.

LAUREN TANG: 10 years old.

Starting Suzuki Piano Method at the age five, Lauren has progressed to theory grade 3 and Piano grade 3 at ABRSM. Now, at the age of 10, she is preparing for her grade 4 and 5 ABRSM exams for theory and piano, respectively. She is currently studying Suzuki Piano Method Levels 2 and 3, and Suzuki Violin Method under Claudio Forcada. She is preparing for grade 5 violin ABRSM exam. Lauren, like her sister Olivia, participates at many concert events including the Royal Academy of Music, Royal College of Music, local workshops; and too will soon play violin at the Suzuki National Concert, held at Royal Festival Hall.

BENCE CSIBA: 11 years old.

Bence started Suzuki Piano Method in 2006. Now, at the age of eleven, having achieved distinction on his grade 5 theory ABRSM exam, he is studying Suzuki Piano Method Level 4. In addition, he is learning notable pieces that are out of the generic syllabi. Bence performs flute regularly (weekly) with the Hendon Music Orchestra for young people and is also preparing for his flute ABRMS grade 5 exam. As an active member of the orchestra, he is not only learning the flute but is also ‘mastering’ another prominent and versatile instrument that takes center stage, the piano. He applies himself equally to the piano and is recognized as being a hard working young pianist.

KATA CSIBA: 9 years old.

Kata also started very young with her Suzuki piano studies. She has achieved grade 3 theory with ABRSM, receiving distinction on her exam. Se is currently preparing for grade 4 theory exam and nearing completion of Suzuki Piano Method Level 2. Kata is a very determined and hard working student. Like her brother Bence, she is also preparing for her flute grade 3 and grade 4 theory ABRSM exams, set for next year. She is also an active member of the Hendon Music Orchestra (flute) and active piano participant at the Reinders Music School concerts.

Congratulation to you all!!

To all other pupils who are not mentioned here, I would also like to extend my congratulations for all the progress you are making and expect to see amazing work from you all in the next term!!


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